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Refund/Cancellation Policy

Either Customer or Smart Ads may terminate or cancel Customer’s Account (or any part of the Service) at any time, but Smart Ads will not refund any prepaid fees upon such termination or cancellation.

a.Termination by Customer. Customer may cancel your Customer Account or any part of the Service at any time. To cancel your Service, Customer must call +91 8431284583. Customer will receive a cancellation confirmation via email after Smart Ads processes Customer’s cancellation request.Smart Ads reserves the right to collect fees, surcharges or costs incurred before Customer cancels Customer’s Account in addition to the applicable cancellation fee(s).

  • Customer must provide us with the following information in order for us to process the cancellation:

  • — The exact name of the Service that Customer would like to cancel

  • — Customer’s username and password

  • — Customer’s email address

  • — Customer’s billing information, including the credit card number that the customer used when purchasing the Service

  • — Customer’s reason for canceling the Service.

  • The user has the right to take static backup of the website.

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